Since 26 April 2021, a series of 4 workshops in Bertoua, Ngaoundéré, Garoua and Maroua have been carried out as part of the extension of the Environmental and Social Management Framework (CGES).    

A strategic environmental assessment of PAREC identified environmental and social issues in the implementation of the activities. Measures to manage these issues have been proposed and will be carried out through environmental and social screening activities, possible development of impact reports and environmental and social monitoring. These actions, which will involve the MINAS sector, to some extent THE MINEPDED and the Town Halls, call for a synergy of concerted actions to minimize the delays of procedures. It was therefore in response to this need that the workshop mentioned in the subject matter was considered.

The mobilization of all the invited parties (Mairies, Social Affairs, Environment), as well as the support of the regional focal points and the EB Regional Delegates who chaired the work made this workshop a success. 

Virtual consultation frameworks have been set up to continue the exchanges and to monitor and monitor the implementation of PAREC's activities.  

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