It was held this Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at the Hotel Azur in Yaoundé, the workshop of validation of the specific plan of education in favor of indigenous populations. A document that constitutes a major step in the inclusive policy in the implementation of the reform initiated by the Government with the support of the World Bank.
Indeed, more than in other communities, the children of the indigenous peoples grouped together in the designation of the 4 B (BAKA, BAKOULA BAGYELI, BEDZANG) have low enrolment and retention in the education system at the basic education level. All these things justify appropriate actions to address the causes of abandonment recorded.
It is in this context that PAREC, on the basis of these intervention projects, has undertaken to draw up an action plan aimed at better directing interventions for the benefit of these peoples in terms of teaching policy, the assignment and stabilization of teachers in schools, the training of these teachers, the provision of textbooks and other support aimed at improving the performance of schools both administratively and pedagogically.
The validation of such a policy document justified the mobilization not only of local leaders of the educational chain, ngo partners, community leaders whose task of raising awareness among parents of children of the 4B (BAKA, BAKOULA, BAGYELI, BEDZANG) appeared decisive in the schooling of children of this segment of the population.

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