The Minister of Basic Education, First Vice-Chairman of the Steering Committee responsible for coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Sectoral Strategy for Education and Training, accompanied by the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training and the Secretaries General of Sectoral Administrations led the work of the validation workshop on Thursday, July 14, 2020, of the strategic plan for the development of the Education Management Information System (SIGE) of the school map. and School Ac
quired.This strategic plan will consist on the one hand of the provision and on a permanent basis of key indicators to assess the level of learning of pupils at the end of primary education and at the end of the first cycle of secondary education and on the other hand to the establishment of a framework that effectively meets the needs of production , the dissemination and use of quality statistics, for a considered improvement in the management and forward-looking management of the Cameroonian Education System.
This Thursday was the official validation of those documents with the national technical teams and all the actors of the educational community.

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