Following the official and national launch of the integrated approach activities on 19 November 2019, chaired by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Land Development (MINEPAT), in the presence of the World Bank's Director of Operations in Cameroon, the technical and financial partners, and the coordinators of the four projects and their collaborators, it was the turn of the regional launches of the IDA Refugee Bank's activities.

The last regional launch workshop of the integrated approach of the PNDP, PFS, PAREC and PREPSS projects was held in the Far North on Thursday 03 September 2020 in the Mokolo commune hall, after those of Bertoua on 31 August, Ngaoundéré and Garoua on 1 and 02 September.

Cameroon received additional funding totalling US$144 million, of which about 48% was donated and 52% was provided for the World Bank's IDA18 refugee window, for the benefit of the following four projects: the National Participatory Development Programme (PNDP); Social Nets Project (PFS); Cameroon's Health System Performance Enhancement Project (PRPSS-C) and Cameroon's Education Reform Support Programme (PAREC). The implementation of these four projects is based on an "integrated" approach, targeting refugee communities in the Adamaoua, Eastern, Far North and Northern regions. Of the 40 or so municipalities that house refugees in these four regions, twenty-one have been selected for 2020 according to the two criteria adopted with the World Bank: (i) having at least 1,500 refugees and (ii) the refugee population must represent at least 3% of the total population of the commune. The launch of the Far North took place in a health context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic in accordance with the measures prescribed by the Government.


Programme d'Appui à la Réforme de l'Education au Cameroun


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