The Cameroon Education Reform Support Programme (CERSP) is one of the flagships of cooperation between Cameroon and the World Bank.
Created by Decree No. 134/PM of December 10, 2018, it is the result of the financing agreement signed between Cameroon and the World Bank for US$130 million, including US$100 million in loans and US$30 million in grants.
The additional funding to PAREC will strengthen interventions that had been identified as crucial to support sector reforms. Key changes include: overall funding from $130 million to $228.8 million, an extension of the implementation period from 2019-2023 to 2019-26; An increase in the targets of different activities; The integration of the variable-side mechanism of the Global Partnership for Education; strengthening support for schools for forced-moving IDPs.
PAREC provides answers to the persistent inequalities in our education system highlighted in 2013 by the Education and Training Sector Strategy Document, through a number of reforms.

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