The Government, as part of the promotion of quality basic education in line with sustainable development objective 4, will start this school year 2020/2021, with the support of the World Bank through the Programme for Support for Education Reform in Cameroon (PAREC) to staff each public primary school with a stock of 03 essential textbooks, namely French, English, mathematics; english, french and mathematics to enable vulnerable strata to better enrol their children.

This free distribution will move to a school textbook possession rate from one (01) textbook for twelve (12) children to one (01) textbook for two (02).

This distribution in line with the reform of school curricula begins this school year 2020/2021 with Level 1: SIL/CP and Class 1/Class 2.
The distribution will follow in the following years according to the schedule below.

  • Level 2: CE1/CE2 and Class 3/Class 4;2021/2022
  • Level 3: CM1/CM2 and Class 5/Class 6;2022/2023.
    In the same vein, the Government had made a commitment to provide two additional science and technology and computer manuals to its internal resources in the Priority Education Areas (ZEP).
    The distribution of textbooks begins on 30 September and will end on 24 October 2020 in schools in the Far North Region.

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