1 December 2021
Working session in the presence of Professor Laurent Serge ETOUNDI NGOA, President of the Steering Committee of the Education Reform…
1 December 2021
Working session in the presence of Professor Laurent Serge ETOUNDI NGOA, President of the Steering Committee of the Education Reform…
5 November 2021
Working session of the Steering Sub-Committee of the "Performance-Based Financing" (PBF) Project - Education. The Minister of Basic Education, President…
1 September 2021
From 1 to 04 September 2021, will be held in the 10 regions of Cameroon, regional capacity building seminars for…
30 July 2021
As part of the government communication, the Minister of Basic Education gave this Friday, July 30, 2021 a press briefing…
Improving the allocation of government-recruited teachers to public primary schools
Strengthen teachers' capacity for effective and effective use of new curricula
Increasing the availability of essential textbooks in public primary schools
Developing preschool in rural areas
Systematize assessment of school achievements in primary and lower secondary education
Establish a Functional and Operational Education Information and Management System (EIMS)
Improving the environment and quality of education in primary schools in refugee and internally displaced areas
Improving School Performance Through Performance-Based Funding


1. Teacher recruitment and deployment

2. Strengthening teachers’ capacity to make effective and effective use of new curricula

3. Increased accessibility and availability of textbooks

4. Development of Community Preschools to meet standard standards

5. Systematization of standardized assessment of primary and secondary education in primary and secondary schools

6. Implementation of a functional and operational SIGE

7. Appui aux écoles des zones d’accueil des réfugiés et des populations hôtes


This component aims to improve access, retention of students and the governance of schools through financial incentives given to schools and various stakeholders.

Performance-Based Financing (PBF)

The PBF aims to improve access, student completion and school performance and management through incentives distributed to teachers in the event of a number of indicators being reached, following an independent audit. It also aims to strengthen the involvement of the local educational community in the operation of the school.
In the PAREC, this is a pilot phase that will gradually and within 7 years enlist 5,000 schools in the North, Adamaoua, East, West, Northwest, Southwest, Central, South and Coastal.

The conditions for the Start-up

Develop a procedure manual,
Set up a National Technical Cell
Recruit a Contracting and Verification Agency.

The conditions to benefit from it

A functional school board
A school project
A bank account
More than 150 students


This component is a support dedicated to the financing of certain activities of the first two components and the operation of the Coordination and Management Unit.